Spring Art in Third Class

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Density of liquids

Third Class conducted an experiment on the density of liquids.

We learned what the term density means, then looked at various liquids and discussed their properties and reasons why one liquid may be more dense than the other. We then layered the liquids in order of what liquid we thought was the most dense to the least dense.

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Cinderella and Rockerfella

3rd and 4th Class had a great time rehearsing and performing their production of Cinderella and Rockerfella. All the hard worked paid off and they were absolutely fantastic.


Here are a few photos of 3rd Class during the dress rehearsal.


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Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny planted over 100 eggs around the yard for Third Class to try and find. Some were easy to find, others were hidden in tricky places.

We were divided into four teams and had to work together to find our team’s coloured eggs. For every normal egg we found we earned five points and for every golden egg we found, we earned eight points. At the end we multiplied and added our points together. The pink team were the winners.


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Daltaí ne Seachtaine

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Celebrating new life in Spring

We have really been enjoying the warm weather at school and we have been noticing lots of bright flowers and buds appearing and the leaves coming back on the trees. We picked some beautiful daffodils from our school garden to draw using oil pastels, noticing the different parts of the flowers- the stem, leaves, petals and the trumpet. We were able to open our classroom doors again and play with the sand tubs outside, which we just love! We have learned the names of some baby animals and have enjoyed setting up farm scenes in small world play. Our role play has been changed into a home corner again, and we have been busy taking care of babies in there- feeding, bathing and dressing them.

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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Junior Infants loved learning all about St Patrick, and they celebrated St Patrick’s Day with songs and art!

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Junior Infants had a blast learning about Space, and in particular, our Solar System. We began the topic by thinking about what we know is in Space and we drew and labelled some pictures of what we think is beyond our planet, Earth. We enjoyed role playing in our Space Travel agent, which then evolved into a Space Station. It was a lot of fun. We designed and made space equipment in junk modelling, some made jet packs, others made satellites and spaceships. We worked together to complete a group collage of our Solar System which is on proud display in the school hall. We referenced fact books about Space to find out the sizes and colours of each planet. At the end of our learning theme, we began to think about life in outer space, and we loved reading ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’, and ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’, it turns out that a lot of Space story books are pretty cheeky, but we thought they were very funny! We created imaginary aliens and labelled them using adjectives to describe them- spiky, curly, tiny, silly etc. Well done, Junior Infants!

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Daltaí na Seachtaine

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Bring a Book, Buy a Book.

On Friday 3rd March we all enjoyed taking part in ‘Bring a Book, Buy a Book.’ While having the opportunity to acquire a new book, we also raised an impressive €395 for St.Michael’s House. This will go towards summer activities for the children who attend St. Michael’s House.

Well done everyone and we hope you enjoyed your new book!


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