3rd & 4th Class Trip to Trinity College

We had a great time at the Zoology Museum and Trinity College campus.

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The Giant Jam Sandwich

Junior Infants have loved the story, ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’. It is the tale of a town called Itching Down that gets invaded by a swarm of 4 million wasps! The villagers work together to make a giant jam sandwich to trap the wasps- what a great idea. We sequenced the story and wrote about what happened at the beginning, middle and end. We tasted 3 different flavours of jam and ranked them in order of our favourite. The best part of all was when we made jam sandwiches, spreading and cutting them ourselves. Our classroom was pretty sticky when we were done, but it was worth it.

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Sponsored Walk!

Some pictures of 3rd Class on the Sponsored Walk. Great fun was had by all and the children put a huge effort into their costumes.

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Chasing The Sun!

Making the most of the lovely weather by taking our work outside.

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Feeling Zen in 3rd!

As part of Active Week, Third Class took part in some different exercises from what we are used to.

We did a number of yoga sessions to relax ourselves and stretch our muscles which was a welcomed break after studying hard for our tests that week. We also got to take part in a Zumba class which was great fun too.

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Fidget Spinner Data!

We made good use of the latest trend to work on our Maths skills in 3rd Class.

First we coloured in a colour wheel. We then tallied up the colours the fidget spinners landed on after ten spins. Next we represented the results on a bar chart. Finally we made up some questions to go with our bar charts.


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Pebble Pets

Our theme for June is ‘The Beach’.

We looked at these pebbles and thought they reminded us of certain animals. We made a

habitat for our animals to live in.



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DaltaĆ­ na Seachtaine

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Students of the week 29th May

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Inspired By Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’

These are sure to add some sunshine to your day!

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