5th Class Caterpillars Update

Caterpillar blog  

Week two of our class experiment:

Poppadom, our smallest caterpillar, has sadly passed away. We are unsure what happened to him, but his body is nowhere to be found. This indicates that one of the other caterpillars or more, may have eaten him.

Apart from that, all the caterpillars are doing amazingly. In fact they are doing a lot more as they have grown quite a lot. Sheldon is still the biggest but the other caterpillars, Monchichi, Biscuit and Prof.Gingernut are also growing at a high rate.

Last but not least lots of webs have been spun by the caterpillars and it looks awesome. They have also eaten quite a lot of food and there seems to be a lot of poos and exoskeletons at the bottom of the container.

Haven’t we grown!

written by Leo and Elliot

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