Ethos and Rules

Mission Statement

This school aims:

  • to fulfill the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the pupils
  • to provide stimulation and opportunities to enable a child to reach his/her full potential
  • to foster a happy and relaxed environment that will be conducive to learning


This Church of Ireland School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected.

Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging, they are treated fairly and their spiritual, moral and religious development is encouraged, as is their intellectual , social and academic development.

Rathfarnham Parish N.S. is a school is one where the traditions and teaching of the Churchof Ireland inform the position taken in regard to moral issues which arise in the teaching of secular subjects.


We ask for your co-operation with the school rules, they are designed for the effective, efficient running of the school and the safety of the children.


Children are required to be punctual.  Parents are asked to have children in school before the bell rings. Late arrival is discourteous and disruptive to the work of the class.  Being late often upsets children and makes it difficult for them to get the day off to a good start.

School is open from:   8.20a.m

Junior and Senior Infants finish school at 1.05 p.m.

All other classes finish school at 2.05 p.m.


Break/Am Sosa 10.15 -10.30 a.m
Lunch/Am Lóin 12.25 – 12.55 p.m.

Parents are responsible for children outside official school hours. Please do not drop children to school prior to 8.20 a.m. as they are not supervised and the school will take no responsibility for them.  School is open for pupils from 8.20 a.m.


All children enter school by the main door.  On Mondays, parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom to view work and to meet informally with the teacher.  On other mornings, please day goodbye to your child at the main door.

Parents of children in Infant classes are requested to stay outside the gate until the bell rings at 1.05 p.m.; children in the classrooms are easily distracted.

All adults are asked to enter the school by the door at the Principal’s office (at the main office entrance)

The private transport system arranged by parents to bring some children to and from school is not covered by the school insurance policy.  Parents should be aware that the Board of Management has no responsibility for this transport scheme.

Pupils and parents are asked not to ride bicycles in the schoolyard, as it is unsafe for other pupils, especially the younger children.

Bicycle racks have been provided at the back of the school.  All bicycles should be kept locked when unattended.  School insurance does not cover bicycles or other property left on the school premises.

All pupils leaving early (for whatever reason) must be collected from the office.  Children will not be allowed to go down the school lane alone.



Please have consideration for the residents of the school lane by keeping entrances free from parked cars at all times.


 1.       Enter the lane from Butterfield Avenue and exit through Anne Devlin Road.



4.       Do not hold up traffic to leave off children at the entrance to the school lane.

5.       Do not drive up the lane or into the schoolyard.

6.   Ensure that this note is shown to the person/people who bring your children

to/from school.


Parent/teacher meetings will be held in November. Other meetings will be held at the request of the teacher or parent as needed.  Meetings should be arranged through the school secretary.

If parents want a message given to a child/teacher or to make an appointment to see a member of staff at a convenient time to both, they should contact the secretary either by telephone or email. 494 3470. or

The Principal is available for consultation, by appointment, from 8.45 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Newsletters are sent by email each month. We try to minimise the amount of paper we use so will try to contact you by email or text.  However, it is still important to check your child’s bag regularly for correspondence from the staff.  Read notices carefully and return forms requiring a signature the following day. Newsletters are also posted on the school website.


We encourage children not to bring mobile phones to school unless absolutely necessary.  If your child has to bring a mobile phone to school, it must be turned off during the school day and handed to the teacher.  Children are not allowed to use mobile phones during school hours.


Holiday lists and term diaries are issued in September: Keep them safely for reference.

The holiday list and the diary for the term are available on the school website.  Please try to arrange family holidays during school closures.


The school is not responsible for pupils’ personal belongings. Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school, especially precious toysOlder children should not bring expensive items to school such as i-pod’s, MP3 players, cameras etc.

Glass bottles or containers are not welcome in school.  Please use easily managed plastic containers for lunches and drinks. These should be clearly named.

We like to encourage healthy eating so we ask parents not to give crisps (including Pringles!) fizzy drinks or hard sweets in lunch boxes.  No lollipops or chewing gum please.

All property that comes to school should be named, e.g. hats, scarves, coats, shoes, boots etc.  The school has a lost property box and children/parents should check it regularly for missing belongings.  Items not claimed will be donated to charity.


Please let us know if your child is absent on the morning of the first day of absence either by telephone or by email at  Please send the class teacher a short explanatory note on your child’s return to school following an unplanned absence. We need a written note for our records. Please inform us of infectious illness e.g. German measles as other parents may need to be alerted.

Do not send your child to school if he/she has been sick during the night.  Children who have lost sleep need rest and infectious diseases can spread quickly.

Please ensure that you give us the number of someone to contact in an emergency. If your child is ill during the school day, the secretary or Principal will make every effort to contact you.  Failing this, we will telephone the emergency contact number.

If there is a difficulty or an illness in the family that may affect your child’s behaviour or cause stress, please let us know.

Children may not administer their own medication or bring medicine to school. Please contact the office if this is an issue.


It is school policy that a note from a parent to the Principal, stating the reason and approximate duration of a child’s absence is sent prior to the proposed absence, requesting permission for a child to leave.  Children may not leave the school without the knowledge and permission of the Principal.

PLEASE NOTE: in the interests of safety, ALL CHILDREN must be collected/returned to the school using the door by the Principal’s office.

Please try not to take your child from school during the school day except in exceptional circumstances.  Try to make appointments for the afternoons.

Parents should be aware that the school is obliged to inform The National Education Welfare Board if a child has missed 20 days or more during the school year.


All of the extra curricular activities below take place after school:

Hockey Ranganna 3-6
French     Ranganna 5-6

Swimming Ranganna 1-6
Recorder Ranganna 2-6
Playball Ranganna 1-2

Children participating in the activities listed above do so with parental permission.

 Children are the responsibility of their parents when they are not being coached. Please ensure that the coaches have arrived before you leave your children and arrive promptly to collect them.


The school plan contains the school’s policies on all aspects of school life.  The school plan is kept in the office and is available to anyone who wishes to see it. The revised Primary School Curriculum 1998 is the basis of the children’s education and gives information on the whole curriculum covered in school.

If you have any queries about any aspects of your child’s learning, please talk to the child’s teacher or the principal. We will do our best to explain, discuss and reassure.  We are committed to providing all the children with the best possible experience in primary school.


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