School Self Evaluation

Rathfarnham Parish National School

school logoSchool Self Evaluation is the process by which all the people involved in the life of the school engage in reflective enquiry about the work of the school.  It is a collaborative, inclusive and reflective process by which we engage in internal review.

SSE requires the school to address the following questions:

  • How well are we doing?
  • How do we know? What is the evidence?
  • How can we find out more?
  • What are our strengths?
  • How can we improve?

In RPNS we have always engaged in school development planning and worked on a school development plan.  Now School Self Evaluation takes this forward to continue to improve the work of the school, especially in teaching and learning.  We intend to use this process to continue to build on current good practice.

Following Department of Education and Skills guidelines, we started the SSE process with Literacy in 2012 and the following year moved onto Numeracy.  This is an ongoing process and we hope to add Science this school year (2014-2015).


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