Student Council


The Student Council is made up of twelve pupils, a boy and a girl from each of the classes from Rang 1 to Rang 6.  The members of the council are elected at the beginning of the school year by their classmates.



The Student Council meets with Mrs. Perdue and Miss Sweetnam regularly to discuss matters of interest to the children.  Before the meeting the student council representatives ask their classes if there are any issues/ideas that they would like to have discussed at the meeting.  Sometimes Mrs. Perdue and Miss Sweetnam ask the council members to discuss a particular topic with their classes and to bring their opinions to the meeting.

Members of the Student Council also represent the school from time to time such as greeting special visitors, or speaking on behalf of their class etc.

This year’s Student Council is made up as follows:

RANG 1:   Callum  and Rebecca 

RANG 2:  Mark and Emily

RANG 3:  Cuán and Chloe

RANG 4:   Brendan and Caoimhe

RANG 5:    Callum and Bonnie

RANG 6:   Malcolm and Becky